katagi!x (カタギックス)はDTESバンクーバー出身のバイリンガルアーティスト。
Born and raised in Downtown Eastside Vancouver, katagi!x was active in the local punk scene during his teens. He currently resides in Tokyo and makes lo-fi emo pop music as a solo artist.



Songs & Producers

Get Me

1/good kids go to heaven (Taurs)
2/hurts me 2 hurt you (wetgropes)
3/someday (Valious)
4/new beginning (Roxa x Malloy)
5/billions (Venus)
6/bulletsinmyface (CapsCtrl)
7/dirtyblacksummer (Valious x Guala Beatz)
8/luv junk (belami)

Melon Collie

1/ so lonely (valious)
2/ another way (YoungAsko)
3/ youngdumbfullofpunk (Caps CTRL x Broken Waves)
4/ rockstar 2 (Unknown Instrumentalz)
5/ backpack (pink)
6/ swimmin' (WellFed)
7/ price of love (sleepless boy)
8/ yeah yeah yeah (Dead Spyro)
9/ stay friends (wurlishmouk)
10/ scars (Eddie B)
11/ blow my brains (Loud Jezze)
12/ holiday (Fantom)
13/ bitter old man (KyG)



Songs & Producers


all by my lonely (Valious x Haze)
one life (Gummy Beatz)
another way (YoungAsko)
life changes (AK BEATZ)



- 音楽配信サイトMUZIEでピックアップアーチストとして選ばれる
(Artist of the month on Japan's biggest indie music site "Muzie")

- FMやまとでゲストMC
(Featured as a guest mc at radio station FM Yamato)

- ネット番組HITOE’S REAL LIFEやPBC WORLD NEWSにゲストアーチストとして出演
(Featured as a guest artist on Internet programs Hitoe's Real Life, and PBC World News)

- フリーペーパー「bloc」で取り上げられる
(Featured as an up and coming artist in the magazine "bloc")

- 警察庁のCMに主演
(Featured on a nationally syndicated commercial for the National Police Agency of Japan)

- ミクスチャーバンドのメンバーとして地方のNHK番組に出演

- カナダのラジオ番組"Tha Morning Driveby (CFRO-FM)" のラップバトルで優勝
(Appeared on a NHK TV Program as a member of a Nu Metal band)

- フリースタイルスキーDVD 「UNKNOWN」のサントラに2曲提供
(Contributed two songs to the freestyle ski video "UNKNOWN")

- JSB コンピアルバムに参加
(Featured on two JSB Compilation Albums)

(Featured on a DJ HALOON mix tape)

(Contributed two songs to the film DEEP WALKER Ⅱ)

- 中国のオムニバスアルバム"Save NO.9 Records"に参加
(Featured on "Save NO.9 Records" mixtape available in Taiwan)

- アルゼンチンのオムニバスアルバム「PHHAT SHIT 2」に参加!
(Featured on "Phhat Shit 2" album available in Argentina)

- グラミー賞受賞者のFROSTとコラボ
(Collaboration with Grammy winner FROST)

- Camron & The DiplomatsやM-Floのプロデュースを手掛けるTHE RATT PAKKとコラボ
(Collaborated with the producer super group The Ratt Pakk on two songs)

- ISH-ONEとコラボ
(Collaborated with ISH-ONE on the song "Whatchugondo")

- 安室奈美恵や倖田來未のプロデュースを手掛けるUTAやU-Key zoneとコラボ
(Collaborated with well renowned producers U-Key Zone and UTA)

- アルゼンチンの人気YouTuber Juanito Say (DELCARAJO TV)とコラボ
(Collaborated with popular YouTuber Juanito Say of DELCARAJO TV)

- 六本木BARTOKYOでワンマンライブ
(Performed as the headlining artist  at club "Roppongi Bar Tokyo")


Compilations & Features

Peleadores (from En Estado Libre by Frost)
No Existe (from El Elegido by Say)
Tricky (from Sadtimes by Wasaru)
Island (from GROOVE ~cruising~ V.A.)
Mecca (from JP State Of Mind by V.A.)

War Zone (from Signal) as a member of 叢雲

​★ Some releases are no longer available ★